Workshop for Undergraduate Students: Leaf Cutter Ants and Ecosystem Processes

We are seeking excellent and motivated undergraduate students interested in ecosystem ecology, tropical biology, leaf cutter ants, biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, and related disciplines to participate in a FREE workshop "Leaf Cutter Ants and Ecosystem Processes" to take place at La Selva Biological Research Station, Costa Rica July 14-20.

The workshop will be divided into 3 modules: Part I will review the field of microbial ecology through the application of field and laboratory methods. Part II will focus on the technical aspects of measuring mycorrhizae and fungal methods. Part III will review the techniques to measure soil carbon fluxes and pools. Together, this workshop will bring together focused seminars and hands-on activities in the lab and field to answer ecological questions. Students will have a chance to develop small independent projects and conduct field work at La Selva Biological Research Station.

If interested, please email CV, letter of interest highlighting reasons you would like to participate in this workshop to by May 31, 2015. A limited number of full scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate students from US institutions. No academic credit will be given for this workshop.