I am an ecologist interested in the impacts of environmental change on natural and managed ecosystems.  One of the reasons I fell in love with biology is the opportunity to get my hands dirty and my work takes me across the world, tracking carbon across deserts and mountains and tropical forests, all with the goal of understanding how ecosystems will respond to a warmer more unpredictable more carbon-rich reality. Day to day, that means working to understand how carbon is sequestered in soils and with that knowledge, harness the power of soils as a climate mitigation tool.

I combine my research with an interest in policy and outreach, thinking about ways to expand the role of science in tackling global issues. To hone my communication skills and help train the next generation of field biologists and science communicators, I developed and teach a field course in Science Communication. I've also teamed up with some amazing women scientists and started Hey Girl Productions and LUCA Media Collective. Our mission is to tell compelling stories, grounded in science. 

Most recently, I helped start a grassroots organization 500 Women Scientists - our mission is to serve society by making science open, inclusive, an accessible. 



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