Week 1 (1/28/14): Introductions, opening paragraphs, writing pod assignments

Homework: exchange introductions within writing pods, bring in description of research using only the 1000 most common words in the English language (use the website below for help)


Week 2 (2/4/14): Share research descriptions in class; go over intros within writing pods

Homework: Read chapter 5, exchange introductions again within writing pods, now focusing on incorporating Ch.5; Bring in problem sentences to work on in class.

Week 3 (2/11/14): Passive voice review (seek and destroy mission)

Homework: Go through entire piece of writing, highlight all passive voice. Read Shimel 15.4 for discussion of prepositional phrases

* trade writing with partner

Week 4 (2/18/14): Prepositional Phrases (seek and destroy mission II) - Shimel 15.4

Homework: “The Science of Scientific Writing” Gopen and Swan 1990, bring in difficult paragraphs

trade writing with partner

Week 5 (2/25/14): Go over “The Science of Scientific Writing”, work on difficult paragraphs in class

Homework: Make a conceptual diagram of your manuscript/proposal’s main ideas, send ppt slide with conceptual diagram to Jane by Tuesday 3/4/14 at 2pm.

trade writing with partner

Week 6 3/4/14: Go over conceptual diagrams in class

Homework: Incorporate feedback on conceptual diagrams

trade writing with partner

Week 7 3/11/14: Dazzling paper titles and scintillating figure captions

Bring to class:

1) Your favorite paper title – look through your library, I am sure there are gems

2) Titles of 2 papers that do not dazzle you

3) 3 versions of a title for a paper or proposal you’re working on in this class – we will work on them together in class

4) Figures and captions you would like some help with


trade writing with partner

Week 8 3/18/14: Spring break, which means more free time to write!

* optional trade writing with partner

Week 9 3/25/14: no class


trade writing with partner

Week 10 4/1/14 : A review of reviews – how to write review papers

Week 11 4/8/14: Writing proposals that get funded

Week 12 4/15/14: Bringing it all together – conclusions and abstracts

Week 13: Split into smaller writing pods for remainder of semester, trade writing project in its entirety with partners in smaller writing groups